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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Attention to All Chicken Chop Lover in Tanjong Malim!

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening? doesn't sound that good isn't it? hahaha....well pari and me just got back from eating as well as sending datin to the terminal....she's goin back to her hometown for the weekend...wooooo lucky! so for those who left behind just enjoy your weekend la ye...no need to worry, we got pasar malam tomorrow....so boleh pergi...

so regarding the tittle above...ape ke hal dengan attention to all chicken chop lover??? ada promosi ka? yes i just want to share with you guys about my amazing dining experience  at Sky Java Cafe! nice service and the food are great! impressive and worth what you paid for...

Sky Java Cafe is located in front of KTM in Tanjong Malim...so sape yang dok sini and study sini for sure taw kan. it is a new western cafe...we have been there two times already! i tell you, takkan menyesal punya kalau pegi makan kat sana taw....hohohho...im planning to go there again...again ha??? yes...to fattened myself a bit more...hahah

so let me show you some pictures ....

so...you've seen it right....the first one is creamy mushroom chicken chop...got creamy mushroom soup simbah on top of it...then we can choose 2 variety of side dishes as well as its gravy...so mine is the 2nd picture. i ordered honey glaze grilled chicken chop. i dont like chicken chop yang digoreng, coz cepat muak, nanti muntah plak kang....

but what's so special about this place is, it got variety of choices ...untuk chicken chop aje cam ada 7-8 pilihan kot...so it took us some time to make a wise decision. but you wont regret for any choices you made. why? sebab semua memang best! even the goreng one ha, luar crispy and inside tender taw! usually the fried chicken chop is a bit dry inside right...well this one it isn't! I might as well order that one next time...hehehe

the price is affordable...standard r kan...tapi korang takkan komplen lah kalau dapat chicken chop yang sedap gini...heaven ohhh! last time i oder cheesy grilled chicken chop....sangat sedap taw...it made me  look like this.....scroll down ya

promise me you wont laugh!

yes....good food can make you crazy...just look at me! aarrrr

so for those who craving for nice and amazingly delicious western food, go to Sky Java Cafe! you wont regret! like seriously, you'll come back for more!

ps: forgive me for some ungrammatical sentence...just bare with it ya...

Thankz sudi baca.....

xoxo... gossip girl


Budak Botak said...

nyum3, sdap ja tgk...

Cik Sara Aspalela said...

hehhe...memg sdap...xtipu punyerr

aniesa said...

hahahaha..aku baca tp xbyg kau..aku terbayang chef wan..kenapa3????

aniesa said...

maybe sbb cara ko explain tu..hahahaha